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Air Compressor Add-ons

CZPT delivers a total portfolio of OEM Air Compressor Components & Add-ons that are essential to the daily life of your compressed air systems.

  • Higher-quality components for all of our item portfolio
  • CZPT CZPT for components that will enhance the CZPT kind, match and purpose of your compressor
  • Selection from CZPT methods, condensate removers, water separators to updates and companies from our group of specialists

No make a difference which of our CZPT remedies you are employing, we have made, examined and manufactured higher-good quality, substantial-overall performance air compressor accessories for our total item line to make certain they are OEM quality. By putting in any of our equipment or tools, no matter whether our condensation management systems or 1 our CZPT tools, you have peace of thoughts that they will boost the CZPT sort, match and operate of your compressor areas.


54772058 is a force gauge employed on a vast assortment of CZPT rotary screw air compressors. This gauge shows the air stress in PSI, BAR, and kPa


XL-740HT should be utilised for drinking water cooled compressors operating at higher stress and elevated ambient problems. The XL-740HT is also advised for use in the 25 by means of one hundred twenty five horsepower Sort 40 air-cooled compressors.



  • Lessen labor charges by reducing your routine maintenance demands

  • Prolong the daily life cycle of wearing elements

  • Give maximum wear safety for the cylinder and crankcase regions


85566255 IR Line Filter value CZPT Filter Factor Portion





00264713                         C1967 Kit

00264721                         C1966 SEAL-BEARING Kit

00329771                         C2571 Package,GASKET,3STG

0040571                         C2121 BEARING-Basic Kit

0040571                         C2119 BEARING-Basic Kit

00400606                         C2120 BEARING-Basic Kit

0571800                         C2175 Kit, BRNG-TH

0571818                         THRUST BEARING 2ND Phase

0571336                         7X14573 Kit

22018261                         14SP597 PREFILTER

22018287                         14SP598 FILTER, Substantial

22072334                         MODULE IR601 Exhibit

22429690                         AIR COOLER

22440002                         COOLER

22447312                         COOLER- S/A AIR 3ACII

ninety two 0571 48                         C3085012 Component,AIR

92 0571 55                         CF1600 Element,Safety

92058825                         Aspect

9257158                         GAUGE,TEMP

92 0571 63                         GAUGE,OIL Level

9249 0571                          TUBE-METERS(NYLON 6MMO/D

92511302                         Change, FILTER

92515261                         VALVE, LOAD SOLENOID

92517571                         VALVE, Basic safety

92686948                         AIR Aspect

92686955                         AIR Aspect

92692284                         COOLANT,Ultra – 5 LITRES

92706266                         LUBRICANT

92706456                         HOSE, FLEX

92715556                         HOURMETER

92715861                         Package, DIAPHRAGM

92716109                         RTD

92716935                         SLEEVE

92717719                         BUTTON

92717941                         GAUGE

92722750                         Element, SEPARATOR

92722859                         HOSE, SEPARATOR TANK

92729235                         Kit,AIREND REBUILD 100MM

92729250                         Package,AIREND REBUILD-178.5

92729268                         Package,AIREND REBUILD-226MM

92735547                         Kit, SEPARATOR Element

9274 0571                          Factor, FILTER-COOLANT

92748904                         REG Repair Kit

92751346                         CIRCUIT BOARD

92754696                         Component, SEPARATOR

92765783                         Component, SEPARATOR

92766161                         HOSE Versatile

92774165                         Restore,Kit MPV

92857181                         TIMER

92823525                         SENSOR, HAT

92823913                         ELBOW

92834662                         CONNECTOR Package

92837095                         ULTRACOOLANT

92844729                         98BY38 GREASE(400G

92871326                         Factor, SEPARATOR

92872241                         PULLEY-MTR 18.5KW

92875467                         HOSE, ASSY

92877034                         BELT, Travel

92877042                         BELT, Drive

92888262                         FILTER, COOLANT

92889500                         Admirer, 400MM

9289 0571                          Fan

92890367                         BELT, Push (ML30,MU2)

92957187                         ELBOW

92913870                         GLASS, SIGHT

92915503                         HOSE ASSEMBLY

92915628                         VALVE, BLOWDOWN 3/4 INCH

92917004                         Package,OVERHAUL SOL. VLV

92924950                         GAUGE

92926571                         Swap, Stress

92926062                         Package, SENSOR/THERISTOR

92926641                         Package, Provider

92933100                         VALVE BLOWDOWN

92959519                         HOSE, ASSY

92986835                         GAUGE, TEMPERATURE

93191542                         Element, AIR FILTER

93198554                         SOLENOID

93481505                         BELT Travel,M37B (PAIR)

95571107                         20A11EM156 O RING

95571388                         20A11EM255 O RING

95725712                         20A11EM374 O-RING

95929154                         119A2A148NZ1 SCREW,HEX

95985578                         559A10C320NVXZ2

96957279                         20A11E2M274 O-RING

9925 0571                          CYLINDER

99289845                         VALVE MPC

99289852                         VALVE-MPC 2″

99289860                         VALVE-MPC 3

99289894                         Kit Repair MPCV


R18-C00-RNXG                REG REL G2 16BAR PIL eighteen

19003680                         Energy Checking RELAY

2257122                         PRE-FILTER

2257104                         BUTTON,Crisis Quit

2257109                         TEE PIECE

22064695                         Package, MPV

22067177                         Package-INLET VALVE Repair

22 0571 08                         INDICATOR,INLET RESTRIC

2215710                         PULLEY A/E

221 0571 8                         PULLEY A/E

221 0571 3                         BELT

22114201                         3000HR Package

22176978                         COOLER-OIL/After

22176986                         COOLER-OIL/Right after

22186696                         SPRING

22186712                         CAGE THERMAL VALVE

22186720                         ACTUATOR-THERMAL 140 DEG

22189005                         BELT POLY-V (16RIBS)

22189013                         BELT Drive

22189571                         BELT,Drive 30KW 7.5,8.five

22189039                         BELT-POLY-V (sixteen RIBS)

22189047                         BELT,Travel 37KW 14BAR

22192728                         SPRING,Fuel

22203095                         Component, AIR FILTER

22227714                         PAD,PREFILTER

22232763                         ASSY, Electric powered DRAIN

22233068                         ELBOW 90 Diploma RUBBER

22234967                         FILTER AIR INLET

22354989                         NIPPLE FILTER SPARAT

2255710                         HOSE,AIR INLET 406MM

22612725                         AIREND ASSY – Color

24121212                         Factor, SEPARATOR

24278921                         HOSE, HYD .seventy five X 44 JIC

24279184                         HOSE, HYD .75 X 38 JIC

35300615                         INDICATOR

38 0571 14                         BEARING-GREASE MOTOR

39446968                         VALVE,Check out,PRES


54747399                         VALVE

54749114                         SPRING,Fuel

54753918                         COOLER-Blend A/O

54772058                         GAUGE Strain

54774302                         VALVE,SOLENOID(LOAD)

54775556                         ELBOW,ninety DEG.Check out

89265052                         BELT,Push(eighteen.5kW

89265078                         BELT,Push(15kW 10BAR)


99295362                         Supporter

18983262                         Kit REBUILD MPCV

18983700                         Package REBUILD INLET VLV NC

19019538                         HOSE 8W633MM STR TO STR

22258172                         VALVE,JAGUAR BLOWDOWN

22275879                         Swap, Large AIR TEMP

22282571                         VALVE,THERMAL Management

22359632                         TRANSDUCER ,Pressure

22359871                         MUFFLER,BLOWDOWN VALVE

22386643                         SHEAVE A/E 5G 116.5MM OD


22463368                         ACTUATOR THERMAL

22487110                         GAUGE Stress 400PSIG

22499552                         BELT PK7 1050

22517775                         Element

22517866                         Component SEP 6IN TANKS

22832885                         Kit THERMAL VALVE

22861116                         Kit SHAFT SEAL

2357170                         RELAY OVERLOAD

23134422                         VALVE MIN. Push. Examine

2341571                         VALVE BLOWDOWN 1/4″BSPT

23410806                         VALVE Verify MIN Push

23448285                         VALVE SOLENOID 2WAY NC

24271529                         VALVE, SOL 3-WAY UNIV

35252279                         SCREW,SELF TAPPING

35273416                         M8X1.25X25 BOLT,HEX HEAD

35327105                         DIAPHRAGM


37952264                         HAT Swap Kit

37952421                         Kit-HAT Change

37952439                         Kit,TEMPERATURE SENSOR

37956075                         1521 Fix Package

37974318                         Kit, BLOWNDOWN VALVE

38342571                         FILTER PANEL 4-PACK

38462750                         Kit MAINT, 2000/8000 HR

39109244                         INTERLOCK

39113527                         MGE-FNM-250V-3.2AMPS

39118930                         BLOCK,TERMINAL

3912 0571                          Screen,SCAVGE

39124813                         SM-4212-435 TUBING-INCH

39124821                         TUBING, INCH OF

39125547                         Aspect,CLEANER

39127261                         DFP-SV10B VALVE

39127741                         Change, VACCUM

39133954                         LATCH


92715051                         ADAPTOR

92754688                         Aspect, SEPARATOR

92788959                         CZPT Push

92824473                         Aspect, SEPARATOR

92890334                         Component, SEPARATOR

93162030                         VALVE, Relief

95571349                         20A11EM237 O-RING

95928230                         PLUG, 1/4 NPT SOCK. Hd.

95962304                         560A10C240NVXZ2 ELBOW

99312944                         COOLER, Mixture

99331654                         VALVE, INLET (SD)

99331712                         VALVE, PILOT 8.6-9.8 BAR

99331803                         VALVE, Check out W/ORIFICE

99331811                         PREFILTER

40049942                         8316C16-120V VALVE,

22078422                         SLEEVE Dress in

22174205                         839 9 Kit SHAFT SEAL

22338115                         Factor FILTER INLET STD

22383053                         Kit Check out VALVE

2245710                         VALVE, LOAD SOLENOID

22415716                         VALVE CONDENSATE DIN

22476451                         AIREND Analyzed LP SIERRA



39568092                         SENSOR,RTD

39586508                         CZPT JOINT, 2.50″

39816954                         HOSE,INLET AIR COOLER

39921705                         SENSOR, TEMPERATURE

39921713                         SENSOR, RTD

40068371                         Component,BREATHER

40068389                         Aspect,BREATHER


42501791                         PANEL,

42535179                         WIRING,CONDUIT OIL PUMP

42535187                         PUMP,OIL CD26 TSUNAMI

42535195                         PANEL,STARTER-50HZ CD26

42562652                         Package-MOIST SEP. BAFFLE

42590083                         Package-CONDENSATE VALVE

54386545                         Kit,HYDRAULIC CYL REBUI

54386552                         Package,HYDRAULIC CYL REBUIL


54386560                         Package,BLOWDOWN VLV REBUILD

54386586                         Package, BLOWDOWN VALVE

54629894                         DECAL, VFD AIRCOOLED

54630686                         DECAL, VFD WATERCOOLED

83901213                         AIREND CDA96 Shut

85652535                         SX-8428 SENSOR TEMP.

three 0571 265                         48CS33 CHANNEL & SPRING

3571585                         40S750 GASKET Established

4057198                         FILTER

42112912                         HOUSING, Primary BEARING

15651334                         Stress SWTICH MDR3/16NC

92461128                         003.004.571 JOINT





A closer search at some of our Air Compressor Equipment…

CZPT Techniques

We have a selection of higher-power CZPT programs designed to suit our various compressor options, including our Eco-Spin Inertial Spin Filter, our Eco-Filter Consumption system, which uses major and secondary filter components to reduce strength fees and our FA In-Line Filter Exchange-ment Factors, which are made out of stainless steel mesh to stand up to substantial pressures even though reducing flow restriction.

We also offer you our OEM Air Filter Assemblies which are specifically developed, created and examined to meet up with the specification of CZPT compressors – making certain a stress-free of charge procedure and taking the strain off of you.


Condensate Removers

Our CZPT Liquidator Zero-Reduction and ReliaDrain Zero-Reduction Condensate Removing techniques are the important components you need to get rid of condensation swiftly and very easily in industrial or even professional purposes. Our ReliaDrain is an electrically run resource that utilizes capacitive sensors to figure out when the drain reservoir is full and open up the valve, producing it a totally efficient resource for your compressor set-up. The LiquidatorTM is a pneumatically-driven item that makes use of a ball-float sensor to see when the drain reservoir is full. Both are equipment able of sustaining a least liquid level inside of the reservoir to make certain that only condensate is taken off from your compressor and get rid of the threat of any procedure air escaping by way of the drain orifice.

Polysep Green Oil Drinking water Separators 5-sixty m3/min

This Polysep Green oil-drinking water separator keeps the atmosphere cleanse although offering a new modular merchandise making it possible for you to size and scale the unit as required. In addition, this product characteristics innovatively coated Zeolite absorption media that withdraws and permanently absorbs any oil and is equipped for even intensely emulsified kinds (this kind of as polyglycols) that typically demand more expensive compressors to independent.



No-Loss Drains

At CZPT Rand, we offer both an electric and pneumatic (PNLD II) No-Reduction drain made to get rid of condensate effortlessly. Our recently-improved Electronic components are heavy-obligation industrial drains that remove condensate with no throwing away compressed air. This instrument is light-weight and can be effortlessly attached to different air compressors and accessories. The PNLD eleven line of pneumatic drains is entirely equipped to get rid of condensate consisting of large stages of rust and oil. They need no electric power and are made to operate with a assortment of compressor components. 

Air Compressor Tanks

Our air compressor tanks are add-ons available in horizontal or vertical, and the tank dimensions may differ from twelve-240 gallons. These tools are developed for added air storage and created with steel to make certain extended-long lasting industrial toughness and trustworthiness.



Our Offered Upgrades and Solutions

We also offer updates this kind of as variable inlet CZPT vanes and aerodynamic enhancements for our centrifugal remedies. Our additional services contain our cooler upkeep provider, subject overhaul and preventive upkeep solutions.

Our assortment of add-ons also is composed of our CZPT Line Reactors,  developed to fit any air compressor. We also manufacture substantial-efficiency, large-energy transformers that enable you to successfully work your electrical equipment by correcting the voltage to suit your compressor – making certain high amounts of effectiveness and reduced electricity bills!

Ultra Coolant Lubricant 

Ultra Coolant is an engineered polyglycol dependent coolant created to obtain CZPT compressor performance for make contact with cooled rotary screw air compressors – even at the maximum temperatures. Ultra Coolant’s exclusive formulation enables for long life, excellent CZPT efficiency, and enhanced compressor performance. As opposed to common petroleum coolants, Extremely Coolant delivers substantial thermal conductivity to prolong the existence of your compressor, its components and even the coolant itself.

Ultra Coolant is the industry’s top lubricant, especially made to support rotary screw compressors keep CZPT performance at a full selection of temperatures, reducing working expenses and environmental effect.

  • Up to 8,000 hrs of CZPT operate time, more time daily life than most poly-alpha-olefins (PAOs), and as much as 8 moments the lifestyle of traditional lubricants
  • Non-foaming overall performance significantly lowers carryover as in contrast to typical and other artificial fluids, decreasing contamination
  • Varnish free procedure saves strength, and extends the dependability and daily life of your method
  • ten% greater thermal conductivity extends compressor existence and enhances performance
  • Higher flash level of 271°C (520°F), increased than most poly-alpha-olefins (PAOs), diesters and other artificial lubricants, enhances operational protection
  • Sophisticated cooling enables compressors to run cooler and much more proficiently, even in high-ambient temperature environments
  • Excellent biodegradability and recyclability






The Air Compressor Is a Functional Device

The Air Compressor is one particular of the most versatile equipment in any garage or workshop. It is straightforward to use and can carry out a assortment of duties, from jackhammering to drilling. These equipment are obtainable in a vast selection of dimensions and kinds, creating it an superb decision for a assortment of conditions. With a one motor, you no for a longer time need separate motors for each and every tool. Its light-weight, compact layout tends to make it easy to manage, and the single motor also minimizes put on on elements.


Oil-injected air compressors call for a massive quantity of lubricant, which wants to be included to the sump routinely to sustain the best possible functionality. As there are many kinds of industrial fluids, a nicely-intentioned routine maintenance technician may possibly incorporate the incorrect lubricant to the compressor. If this transpires, the compressor will turn out to be incompatible with the lubricant, resulting in abnormal carryover and the want to flush and exchange downstream air therapy parts.
Normally, the G 110-250 oil-injected rotary screw compressor from Atlas Copco gives reliable compressed air, protecting against costly downtime. The G110-250 oil-injected rotary screw compressor is highly trustworthy and resilient, enabling it to purpose in temperatures up to 46degC/115degF. Even with the oil-injected air compressor’s sturdy layout, this unit demands very tiny on-site set up, and it functions straightforward procedure.
The principal advantage of oil-injected air compressors is the reduced price of working. The cost of oil-free of charge compressors is much less than 50 percent of that of oil-injected ones, and it will call for fewer maintenance fees in the long operate. Moreover, the oil-free system is much more environmentally friendly than oil-injected air compressors. But the downsides of oil-injected air compressors are sizeable, too. It can contaminate finished items and lead to a important financial chance for the maker.
An oil-injected rotary screw air compressor gives several positive aspects in excess of its counterpart. Very first, it features an innovative vertical layout with variable-speed generate, enabling it to run a lot more successfully. 2nd, oil-injected air compressors reduce energy use by up to 50% compared to non-oil-injected air compressors. They also have a thermostatic valve, permitting them to maintain an optimum temperature. Thermostatically-controlled oil coolers allow the compressor to run much more quietly.


What is an oil-cost-free air compressor? The title refers to a type of air compressor that does not include oil in the compressor chamber. Oil-free of charge air compressors still use oil for numerous needs, which includes lubricating the moving components and controlling squander heat. Nonetheless, several men and women do not realize that their air compressor nevertheless requires oil for correct performing. This write-up will investigate why this variety of air compressor is preferable for several end users.
First of all, oil-free air technologies has many benefits. For 1, it reduces the energy price involved in filtering air, and it minimizes leaks. In addition, it also minimizes the oil expenses associated with compressor refills. And finally, it decreases the hazards of contamination. Oil-free air technology is the future of compressed air. If you happen to be hunting for an oil-totally free air compressor, this is what to look for in your research.
Relying on the purpose of your air compressor, it could be useful to spend in an oil-totally free air compressor. Oil-lubricated air compressors are typically a lot more durable than their oil-free of charge counterparts, but they might expense twice as considerably. You must even now consider the expense of possession ahead of getting an oil-free of charge compressor. The oil-cost-free versions can be simpler to transport, and they are a lot more effective. In addition, they’re quieter than oil-lubed models.
An oil-totally free air compressor also indicates considerably less maintenance, as it will not want oil to function. This kind of air compressors also functions fewer moving components, which signifies much less places for problems to create. All oil-free air compressors are manufactured to satisfy ISO Class and 1 air purity expectations. They also have much less noise and vibration in comparison to their oil-based counterparts. So, why not select an oil-free air compressor for your enterprise?


When choosing a gas-driven air compressor, it is critical to consider the positive aspects of gasoline. This strength source can electricity a large air compressor with out electricity. Nevertheless, this type of air compressor lacks electrical hookup, so you are going to need to have to run an extension wire if you need to use it at a distance. Even so, fuel compressors are capable to function with just a fuel tank. This can make them best for medium to heavy-responsibility industrial applications.
Another critical thought when choosing a gasoline air compressor is its measurement. More substantial compressors are generally bigger than transportable ones and need more space. This makes them less complicated to transport and operate on the go. Nonetheless, if you might be not positive which type of air compressor is best for you, consider the gasoline-run versions. Although they could be lighter, they do not operate as smoothly as their electric counterparts. Gasoline-driven compressors are not as portable as their electric counterparts and demand appropriate routine maintenance.

Electric power

Electricity in an air compressor is not inexpensive. A twenty five HP air compressor operates for ten several hours each and every day, five days a week. The motor in these equipment consumes 746 watts for every hour. To locate out how a lot electrical power the equipment employs, multiply the wattage by the running time. For example, if the compressor runs for 3 hours, then it will use 1.9 kilowatt several hours of electricity. To determine how significantly electric power an air compressor makes use of for every day, you can calculate the kilowatt hrs and multiply the amount by the utility rate. Thinking about this, you can figure out the price of running your air compressor as soon as for every thirty day period.
The expense of functioning an air compressor relies upon on the type of compressor. Electric air compressors are usually silent and can run with out any maintenance. These tools can be left unattended for up to 4 thousand hrs just before demanding repair. Electric air compressors demand increased electricity for increased force, so you should program accordingly. Whether or not you require a routine maintenance check out is up to you, but the benefit of not having to devote a fortune on repairs is priceless.
Though compressed air is not an strength-successful resource, its use in a assortment of purposes may save you income and kilowatts. Given that an air compressor utilizes electricity when it is managing, the expense is lower than the expense of working a electricity tool. If you program to use your air compressor for a prolonged time, make positive that it is maintained correctly. Appropriate care will conserve you cash and electricity, and you may even be capable to get an extended guarantee if the compressor breaks down.

Variable frequency generate

The main purpose of a variable frequency push (VFD) in an air compressor is to decrease energy use in the procedure of compression. A solitary motor drag technique can’t modify its pace continually according to the fat of the load. By making use of frequency handle to the compressor, the power usage can be diminished although preserving the very same stress degree. Therefore, a VFD is an outstanding choice for compressors. Its advantages are several.
A VFD can also keep an eye on the temperature of the motor and ship mistake indicators if the motor is working too very hot or too cold. This eliminates the want for a separate sensor to keep track of the oil strain. These capabilities are helpful not only in reducing strength intake, but also in enhancing the efficiency of an application. Furthermore, a VFD can keep track of further variables this sort of as temperature and motor pace. That’s why, it is a valuable expense.
When using a VFD, it is crucial to select the proper motor. The speed of the compressor must be inside the maximum commencing limit of the motor. The air tank may possibly be of any dimension, but a continual force limit is needed to keep the VFD operating in the service aspect of the motor. In addition to a VFD, a master controller need to also contain a distant strain established stage and a PID card for a master controller. The transmitter should include all helpful data from the VFD, like the pace and the oil temperature. The VFD should be examined just before it is built-in with the master manage. It need to be tested for min and max speed, temperature, and current within the expected variety.
The use of a VFD in an air compressor has a lot of positive aspects. 1 of the most noteworthy is the reduction in electrical power usage. Mounted-speed compressors run on established details of six to 7 bar. An extra bar of compression employs 7 percent of energy. This power is squandered. A VFD-run air compressor can also increase the lifestyle span of compressor elements. It is one of the greatest investments in your compressor. So, why wait around any more time?

China Hot selling CZPT Air Compressor Service & Parts - Air Compressors Maintenance     with Great qualityChina Hot selling CZPT Air Compressor Service & Parts - Air Compressors Maintenance     with Great quality